5 Keys.

Alyssa Forde (@akf_321) showing out in the “5 Keys” Raglan.

5 Keys.

Michael “Chief” Peterson sporting the “5 Keys” Raglan at the Lexus “Verses and Flow event. Order yours now at http://www.rarerealities.bigcartel.com.


Michael “Chief” Peterson does it again with an amazing spoken word piece.

Lost Files

Lost Files… Photo By: Tiffany Dejesus

Mom and Pops

Supporters from Day 1⃣. @mrrickflare‘s parents, Ricky Sr and Mrs. Penny always reppin in the Logo Tee and the RR hoodie.

Mall Sighting

Two of our big supporters: Donovan and Emily

New Britain Parks and Rec’s Own

New Britain Parks and Rec’s own Rex, Evan and Jerrell rocking the original logo t-shirt and “Hometown Heroes” T-shirt

Rare Performance

The Lovely lady Aja and Jared along with Kadeem and Tai out and about in RR.

DJ Clark Kent

DJ Clark Kent (one of JayZ’s founders) and Rare Realities chopped it up at the Sneaker Swap at UCONN

Summer ’12